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Our next installment in the Dead on Arrival franchise for mobile devices is being previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show this year!

If you’re not familiar with Dead on Arrival yet, now’s your perfect chance. The first installment was launched late in 2011 for Android and iOS platforms. After receiving a Bronze Medal from Pocket Gamer, and being named in the top 5 Horror Games on Android, N3V Games has decided to create the next installment.

If you’re not able to make it down to CES this year, you can check out all the action you’ve missed at the official Dead on Arrival 2 website!

  2 Responses to “Dead on Arrival 2!”

  1. Is it only going to support Tegra chipsets? If that’s the case, bad decision:/ Also, sad that they didn’t release second chapter for the first game.

  2. Јust a quick note to say thanκs for the gamеs update, that ωaѕ јust what
    I (uѕeԁ) to be loοking for!!

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