If you’ve been following our updates via Facebook or Twitter, or an avid reader of the weekly Trainz Community Newsletter, you might have already seen the first public glimpses of Trainz: A New Era. But if you haven’t already, you can head over to the Trainz: A New Era product page and see these new screenshots.

While still in beta, these screenshots provide an early look at the progress being made in regards to new technical features such as shadows, as well as how work is progressing on integrating Trainz with E2, the new engine powering the next generation of Trainz games.

There’s still plenty of progress to be made as we power towards the release of Trainz: A New Era. You can stay up to date with all the recent developments by checking the news here onTrainz Portal and by keeping an eye out for the next release of screenshots and videos by checking the Trainz: A New Era product page.

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