Today, thousands of people from around the world began downloading the precursor to the next generation of Trainz; Trainz: A New Era – Community Edition.

This morning we sent out thousands of emails to our core fans advising them of the download link and install instructions. It is only thanks to your support that has enabled us to work on T:ANE throughout the year, building the new E2 engine, integrating the main Trainz elements our fans have come to love and creating the new features that will help set T:ANE apart from all the predecessors.

Some people had the game downloaded and installed in just over an hour, while others have spent hours waiting for their Internet connection to deliver this new experience to their PC. In testing yesterday, our web guy (who is in the UK at a wedding) could get 28MB/s downloading the file, while from our office we were stuck with 100KB/s due to a dodgy routing through Sydney. Same server, different routing

Most our fans are keen to try out Trainz: A New Era and we are keen to hear their feedback. And feedback has already started to come in.

Back in October we said we would not be ready to deliver the final product to you in December as we had originally planned. Instead, we chose to deliver CE as an interim build to allow our fans to explore the product and give us their feedback.

The journey has only just begun and we thank you all once again for helping set us on this path which we firmly believe will take us way beyond anything seen in this genre before.

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