About Us


N3V Games is one of Australia’s oldest independent game development studios. Originally founded in 1991 as Auran, developing titles such as Dark Reign and Trainz Simulator, and later merging into N3V Games. N3V Games has a proud history of developing quality titles for niche markets and have developed a strong community following for their core franchises.

With the rise of mobile gaming and easier platform accessibility, N3V Games has begun expanding its portfolio, bringing one of its oldest games, the Trainz Simulator franchise, to new mobile devices and new users, and has found commercial success and critical acclaim with its titles Trainz Driver and Trainz Simulator iPad – reaching over 500,000 downloads combined.

N3V is now focused on leveraging its existing franchises for a new mobile market, and creating new IP’s in partnership with industry leaders to promote the Australian development community.


N3V’s growing portfolio includes:

More detailed information on each title can be found by clicking on the titles name.

N3V Games also operates the newly launched digital portal Simulator Central, soon to be known as the home for simulation content online.