After more than 6 months of development and many thousands of hours of beta testing, we’re very happy to announce that Trainz A New Era Service Pack 2 has arrived. We are confident that we are delivering our most reliable and stable version of Trainz ever.

Once again our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our beta testers who took on the task of using “in-development” software to identify and report issues throughout the testing period. We understand the frustration and gnashing of teeth when things didn’t go right, and the joy experienced once problems were solved.

Delivering SP2 means that we’ve now created a far more robust platform upon which to expand Trainz for years to come. And we simply could not have got to this point without all the external testers using all types of 3rd party content and custom-built routes to ensure the vast majority of issues could be addressed.

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Get immediate “early access” to the latest version of Trainz by pre-ordering Trainz Model Railroad 2017 today.

All purchasers will get immediate download access to the current stand-alone version of TMR17 now.

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In January we delivered some significant performance improvements and stability, along with a long list of fixes and features. This month we’re happy to continue with the massive improvements and deliver our next update Service Pack 1 Hotfix 1 (“SP1-HF1”).

SP1-HF1 features improved visuals with enhancements to our full world dynamic shadow system, updates to the Interlocking Tower feature and a range of usability updates including the much requested “Freeintcam” in-cab camera controls. We highly recommend that all existing owners update to this latest version (the patch is around 300MB from TANE SP1).

Check here for the full list of fixes.