N3V Games
One of Australia's oldest independent game development studios. Originally founded in 1995 as Auran, developing titles such as Dark Reign and Trainz Simulator, and later merging into N3V Games.

N3V Games has a proud history of developing quality titles for niche markets and have developed a strong community following for their core franchises
" Trainz Railroad Simulator "
Our Developments
Trainz Railroad Simulator is available on Desktop and Mobile
Trainz Simulator ( Desktop )
Explore hundreds of miles of track in the six incredibly detailed routes and take charge of a huge variety of steam, diesel and electric powered locomotives and build the railroad of your dreams!
Trainz Simulator ( iOS & Android )
Trainz Simulator 3 delivers next-generation Train Simulation on mobile. The most immersive train experience on mobile ever with AAA quality graphics and features!
Trainz Memberships

Sign up and gain access to the latest Trainz version and new updates. No need to wait for the next version of Trainz as 'Trainz Plus' and 'Gold' members get regular releases of all features and content!

Our Technology
E2 powers our developments.
It is an in-house game engine and server infrastructure with extensive world building tools and functionality that allows multi-user collaboration in real-time.
World Building
Our world building tools and systems are second to none. We have continued to evolve them over nearly 20 years and showcase them in our Trainz franchise but they are destined for greater things so stay tuned.
Multi-user Real-time Collaboration
Our world building toots combined with multiplayer real-time editing has changed the way user generated content is created. Many users all building the same world together, all in real-time on multiple platforms.
Server Infrastructure

The underlying infrastructure of our multi-user world building technology has been designed to shrink and expand with demand. This means that an unlimited amount of users can all join and collaborate together!

Our Partners
Our developments and technology has been supported by the following partnerships
This technology giant has helped take our developments and engine to the next level with support for world building tools such as Turf Effects and many more areas of development and product releases.
Trainz has included Speedtree in most of its desktop releases since Speedtree first began. The realism and flexibility this product adds to our technology frees us up to focus on other aspects of development.
3rd Party Creators

By far one of the most important aspects of Trainz is the community and its creators. Since the start of Trainz we have always made it our mission to advance the technology and creation tools for our very talented pool of content creators.

A massive thank you to all who have contributed to Trainz over the years!